A very warm welcome to everyone who is going to be a part of the Fashion Of Pure family.

I promise to keep all the girls updated on the latest fashion trends that would not only be different but would also be very pocket friendly.

Now, I know that there are a number of amazing fashion bloggers out there who have a unique style and that shows very beautifully on their blogs. I’m not here to compete with anyone, but I’m here to become a part of this huge and amazing fashion world, by contributing whatever little I can.

Fashion means a lot more to me than just amazing clothes, chic shoes, pretty accessories, runways or designers. For me, it is something that defines me. Every person has something very different and alluring about them, and for what I believe, this comes to be shown in the way they carry themselves, a huge part of what is fashion.

This is not my first blog. I have a blog with the name ‘Words & Fashion’. In the previous blog, I try to combine fashion with words, words expressed as poems and articles.So, the question arises, if I already have a blog that has something to do with fashion, why did I create this one? So, I did it because I wanted to do something totally related to fashion. Someplace where I can share my concepts on fashion with the maximum number of people possible.

This blog will have my weekly doses of some budgeted and dope outfits, DIYs and the latest fashion trends from Milan, Paris, New York and London mixed with celebrity style.

I hope I end up making this blog useful and fun for all my readers. I need all the love and support.

(I promise I won’t bore anyone any further. 🙂 )

Loads of love,

Prakriti Sharda



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