The DU Societies: Why the hype is worth!!

Boards were done, the results were out, the cut-offs were announced, and on that unforgettable day of 20th July, I was ready to take on the new phase of my life. I was all set for college. The orientation took place and the societies performed one after the other. All were mesmerising, beautiful, and full of talent. I had my eyes set on the choreography society (I had been doing research and I knew my college’s choreography society was what I wanted).
First round of auditions happened, and I got in. I was excited and nervous. Second round’s part one happened, I was in. The excitement and nervousness continued. Part two and I made it.
I remember the super-senior of my society telling us: “For now, you all are the new team. However, through a rigorous training period, we will be seeing you further. ”
Now, as a fresher I went in college thinking: “Hmm…choreography society. It’ll be fun. Dancing and chilling.” But of course I was wrong.
The moment our senior said the words, I felt a storm coming.
The storm, both beautiful and terrifying, followed us (freshers) through the year.
We trained for 5-6 hours. Sometimes, 8 hours. Working to build every muscle stronger and flexible. Working on our technique to get that one turn right. Working on each moment to present it with utmost grace.
And I’m not lying when I tell you this; it was HARD. DAMN DIFFICULT.
Almost all the team members got injured. Broken bones, ligaments, but mind you, no broken spirits.
Day after day, week after week, and month after month, we’d rehearse. The same bunch of people, everyday, together, fighting through the odds.
However, the kids weren’t the same. Some left because the rehearsals took a toll on them, while others joined, bringing in new energy to the exhausted and irritated team members.
Being in a choreography society with the same bunch of 15 people gets to you at times. It is draining, and it does require you to put in hours of hard work, injuries, sweat and blood. But what you get in the end is nothing compared to what you put in. When you get on the stage, the energy you feel is crazy. You know you’re in there not for yourself, but for your teammates. You get to taste team spirit in a way words can’t explain. You get to see yourself grow and you feel it because the growth is pretty rapid. You get to make friends who are so different than the rest. They’ll know almost all about you and they’ll help you grow. The rehearsal hours will get shorter as you approach the season end, but the ‘hanging out with the team’ hours will get longer. You’ll grow into a strong and confident individual. And trust me, when you see yourself after an year, you’ll be proud of your decision of joining a society.

So all the best with your college admissions and don’t be scared to join in on a society. It’ll be the best decision of your college life.


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