Pity yourself if you make fun of mental diseases!

This has been happening around me for a long time now and I guess that it’s time that I bring horrible events in light. Our world is full of hypocrisy (without a doubt). People hardly believe in what they say, people hardly have any idea of who and what they truly are. They are hardly inspired and have knowledge which is almost zilch. Everybody nowadays happens to have an extremely biased superiority complex and for them, nobody is greater than their own self. And due to this lack of humbleness, integrity and the ability to be realistic, the world is headed for dooms (which is needless to say, of course). A normal requirement like equality has so many different meanings that it is almost surprising.

Such so-called human beings find it absolutely amusing to make fun of people with mental disorders. To call somebody hysteric, mental, depressed or bipolar (as an insult) doesn’t mean anything to them, probably because they hardly happen to have any idea of how fatally debilitating these problems are. To ask people to admit themselves into mental hospitals is no big deal. To make fun of people with social anxiety, depression or phobias is so normal that surprisingly, nobody stops these weirdly inaccurate and useless living beings. I absolutely fail to understand people’s incapability of having the least amount of empathy for these problems.

The worst case scenario is people making false certificates certifying they have dyslexia or any other disorder in order to get admitted into a college!! I mean, really? Do you realize the seriousness of dyslexia? Or any other disorder? Do you realize how difficult it is for a person to study when they are dyslexic? And how important it is for them to get the seats which they deserve and which are reserved for them?

If you have zero empathy for ill people and you think it is all cool and fun to tease them or use the labels as an insult then please, go learn something. Do something with your little pea-brains. Think a hundred times before you speak. If you cannot speak something nice, then please keep your big mouth shut.

Thank you!!


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