Depression is not as Strong as YOU

Depression is a psychological disorder where a person constantly feels despondence and dejection. People suffering from depression have prolonged hours of feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, and hopelessness nothing makes sense to them. Depression does not mean sadness alone. Depression is much worse. And once it hits you, it breaks down all your walls. Everything seems dark around you and you just can’t get yourself to do anything. But try!

Every problem has its own depth and seriousness, no problem is big or small, however, no problem is big enough to ruin you. Trust me, none is. Everything will seem worthless, everything will stop making sense, but know that you’re stronger than that. Know that nothing can break you down to the extend where you don’t feel like getting up anymore.

There are a number of people who are suffering or have suffered from this exhausting disease. I too have. And trust me, I know how it feels. But then, I too learnt to get out of it. Yes, it was challenging to get the willingness back in me to wake up every morning and face people. It was even more challenging to engage in activities besides sitting alone in my room. It was challenging, but not impossible. I took help indirectly from my family and friends (I’m an introvert and talking was not at all my thing back in those days). I started seeing the beauty around me. I  started searching for beauty in the things I loved, like books, and dance.

The magnitude of depression differs from person to person. Someone might have it at a mild level, whereas someone might be severely depressed and therefore, suicidal as well. In some cases, the person might need help from a professional along with family and friends. Don’t hesitate. You’d obviously go to a doctor if  you  have  a prolonged fever or stomach ache. It is the exact same deal with depression (or any other disorder for that matter of fact). It is okay to have a problem. But it is not okay to sulk into that problem and give up. Giving up is never okay because trust me, nothing in this whole wide world is worth your happiness.  Help if you know someone who is dealing with any such problem, help yourself if you are a victim of depression. Just don’t ever give in.


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