How To Dress Like Cara Delevingne

Hi lovelies! How have you all been?

I got this request a few months back by purpleelover, so I thought why not give it a try. Cara Delevingne’ street style is a whole lot different than any of her fellow girls, like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. She is more into casual street styling. What I have noticed in Cara’s street style are the following things:

  1. White tops (normal tees, crop tops, half-sleeeves, without-sleeves, full-sleeves)
  2. Beanies
  3. Graphic tees
  4. Leather black jacket
  5. High-tops (black and white)
  6. Denims (jeans, jackets, shirts)

Fill in your wardrobe with the listed things and I promise you a Cara street-style look everyday.

I have picked out two of my favorite looks from Cara’s street style and I tried my best to match her look. Hope you guys like it.


My take on these looks is below.

Hat : Sarojini Nagar
Shoes : Bata



Shirt : United Colors of Benetton
Skirt : Forever 21
Bralette : Online (Instagram)
Denim Shirt : Levis
Shoes : GK-1 M-block
Belt : Bata
Shorts : Cut out of a Levis jeans

Picture Courtesy : Prakrami Sharda (prakramisharda : Instagram username)


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