Slit is In

Hello, to all the lovely readers? How are you all?

So, today’s blog will talk about SLITS. Now, all the girls out there would almost agree with me about how classy this invention is. Slits are seen everywhere from Filmfares, to Oscars, from Grammy’s, to Music Mirchi Awards, from Malls, to Streets. And yet they look impeccably sophisticated and chic.

There are different kinds of slits, such as;

  • Single-slit
  • Double-slit
  • Up-to-thighs slit
  • Low slit (usually till knee)
  • Front slit
  • Side slit

Now, let me tell you, if you see a slit skirt or a slit dress that you like, don’t think twice before buying it. Because trust me it looks really exquisite on every single person. I’ll give all you lovely readers a brief insight into how to style your slits.


Now, if you are wearing a slit dress/slit skirt (any kind of slit, probably except thigh-high) for a casual shopping spree or brunch date or just for a movie, you might want to go with something in a bright color. Or maybe the print should have various vibrant colors. If you are wearing a skirt, go with a crop top, tank top, spaghetti top or a normal tee and color coordinate it with your skirt. Β You can add a bucket bag, a tote bag or a sling bag to your look. Add a long-chained neckpiece to the outfit. You can either braid your hair (all of them or maybe just a part), keep your hair open or messy bun them. Don’t wear heels that are 6-inch high. Go for flats or maybe an upto 4-inch wedged heel, because pumps and stilletoes would be some serious pain while hovering around.


Everyone must be having a brief idea about how to wear a slit-dress/skirt for a dinner date or a party. Pick your dress/skirt, try and choose a dark color but if you have it in a bright color, it’s equally fine. If your dress/skirt is without any sequins, add a little sparkle to your look by going with a blingy bracelet or neckpiece or earings. If you are wearing a slit-skirt that is plain or is in a bright color, throw on a sequined, dark color top and in case you don’t have a sequined or a dark colored top, go with a top that contrasts with or matches your skirt and add bling with accessories to the whole look. Do something fancy (however, not too fancy) like a halo-braid or loose flirtatious curls with your hair. Wear heels or flats that go with your dress/skirt. Carry a clutch or a chained-sling bag.

In my look, I have teamed up my slit-skirt with a spaghetti top (or a lunch). I braided my hair (partially) with a little bow clip. I wore my wedge heels and added a sling bag with a neckpiece to my look. And sunglasses, since it was very sunny.

Hope you guys like it. πŸ™‚



Sunglasses : Vintage Bow Clip : Forever 21 Neckpiece : Forever 21 Spaghetti Top : Forever 21 Skirt : Myntra (online) Shoes : Chalk Studio (online) Bag : Shopper’s Stop



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