Well, Kendall Jenner (for me) is the QUEEN OF STREET FASHION. For those of you who don’t know who Kendall is: She is an American model. She also stars in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

I’ve literally stalked her for hours on Google and seen her New York streets outfits. From what I’ve observed, there is something very common and yet very inspirational about her outfits for streets, that is,


Now, since you guys know the essentials of Kendall’s street style, I’m sure you know what to buy to dress like her.

So, I’ve narrowed down these three street style looks of Kendall. Now, for one thing, why I love Kendall’s fashion sense is because it is a lot like mine. I personally love outfits that support a crop top or a loose/over-sized tee. For leggings, they are super comfortable and come in various prints and styles so you can pretty much wear leggings everyday while roaming on streets or for shopping. For ditressed jeans, we all know how in they are nowadays and they totally deserve it because they look so cool with anything and everything. They are comfortable and yet give you that fashionista edge.

And combining these two looks….damn.

Secondly, if you think about it, every body type can wear the looks she endorses on streets. People who are a bit conscious about their weight can wear a jacket or a summer shrug over their cropped-tights (crop top + tight) look and be absolutely sure of looking stunning. And, a special message to all the lovely people out their reading my blog, you all are beautiful the way you are. Don’t let your looks bring you down because trust me; there isn’t one person in this world more beautiful than you. Love yourself for what you are and love others for what they are (also, please don’t hate on this blog because I’m glorifying a Kardashian/Jenner. She is beautiful and has done her part in making her career as a model).

Now, back to the looks. Following are my favorite Kendall’s street styles.

After the pictures, I’ve given a list of online sites and stores where you all can find almost same looking clothes as Kendall’s. Hope this helps.


Pictures of Kendall Jenner taken from Google

In the first look, Kendall is wearing a black off-shoulder crop top with normal fit jeans. She accessorizes her look with a bold brown leather belt and black high-tops.You can get this black off-shoulder top online on Koovs just for Rs. 495. For the jeans, you can get them at Levis., Forever 21, H&M, and almost anywhere.

In the second look, she’s wearing a basic grey round-neck top which you can get at Forever 21, H&M, online on Myntra, Koovs, Jabong or even Forever 21’s online site at a maximum price of Rs. 400. The jeans are of a grey color, with skinny fit that are distressed at left-knee. I bought the exact same jeans from Forever 21 (but they aren’t distressed) for Rs. 679 which is the price for their basic skinny-fit jeans. You can get the distressed jeans at their store as well as online but I suggest you guys not to buy the jeans for such a petite distressed look as they’ll cost you around Rs. 1200 which I don’t think is worth. What you guys can do is, give the jeans a distressed look by yourself using a blade and sandpaper (let me know if you guys would like me to post a DIY). So get the basic skinny fit jeans, and create your own masterpiece. You get this exact same bag at Forever 21 as well as H&M (I swear I’m obsessed with these two brands). The shoes (white sneakers) are available on Koovs at a very pocket-friendly price.

In the third and final look, she is wearing a basic sleeveless black crop top. Koovs has this crop top for Rs. 245. The black yoga pants/tights are available at almost every store. But I suggest you guys to buy it from a store rather than buying it online because you need them to be of a great fitting (that surely doesn’t look awkward). Make sure you wear hot pants or seamless underwears underneath the tights/yoga pants. She completed her look by wearing a grey jacket over her crop top that went off one shoulder (I personally loved this style and have tried it a few times . I promise it looks amazing). You can use a shrug of any color or a jacket of any color. For the shoes, she’s wearing black running shoes that you can get online on Myntra, Koovs or in stores of Adidas, Puma, Nike. The bag is in Forever 21 stores.

I hope you guys liked the post. Let me know if you’d like to know anything else about any other Kendall’s outfit or if you’d like to see any other ‘How To Dress Like…’ celebrity post.

All the love to the readers. 🙂



  1. hey just found ur blog n um amazed dat in such age u r doing so great, like great n also if v can hv a like how to dress like blog of cara but can it be possible dat u dress up dat way in street style and post it, do you get me like?

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