Welcome Spring

Spring is all about florals. But florals in apparel have been quite monotonous since a while, all with florals dresses, tights and tops. So, here’s a small change in all the Spring Florals.

Teaming up monochrome colors, with plain and printed contrast always comes out to be better than expected. So, I chose to go with plain purple harams from Fab India with a sleeveless short cami top from Fab India. I paired my purple look with black jute slip-ons from the flea market at Dilli Haat. I did not accessorize my look with any headband or bracelet, but you can add silver or black bracelets and floral tiaras (you get these in abundance at GK-II and Malviya Nagar at around Rs. 100). But try and not wear heels because you don’t want your shoes to show below those harams (especially because you’re wearing a cami and heels with this look wouldn’t really go). You can braid your hair with this look or add a headband braid look but I chose to go with a high-pony with a plain back rubber-band.

Also, I’ll soon be adding a headband braid look to go with this haram-and-cami outfit.


Cami Top : Fab India, Haram Pants : Fab India, Slip Ons : Dilli Haat



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