Casual Travelling

Okay guys, so here is the first blog. I hope you guys like it.

So, we all know, when we’re travelling, we liketo keep it simple, casual, yet chic. So I teamed up these Forever 21 skinny jeans with a basic blue v-neck tee from Forever 21. I kept it simple without any accessories because we know about the security check at airport (and, Jenna Marbles’ video on YouTube about ‘types of people at airport’). I paired my look with jute slip-ons that I brought from a shop at Dilli Haat.

I tucked in my tee to give it a chic look. You can also add a belt to make the look more casual. With hair, I kept it simple and just let them run loose. You can tie them up in a pony or braid it or bun it. As you like, because honestly, anything (not anything too prom-y or party kinds) goes with this look.

Tee : Forever 21, Jeans : Forever 21, Slip-ons : Dilli Haat (okay, the bracelet was just a random thing I threw on)



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